Transfer Liscense

Transfer Liscense

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Elevate your business capabilities with our Transfer License, designed for commercial empowerment. This license grants you the authority to legally produce and distribute printed versions of the artwork from our collection, broadening the scope of your initial acquisition. Enjoy the freedom to manufacture and market unlimited quantities of our designs without constraints, paving the way for enhanced profit margins.

This offer includes a Commercial License for the sale of printed transfers featuring any design available in our store.

Intended to complement your purchase of files or images, this license does not include artwork but expands your rights to utilize artwork bought separately. For immediate order completion, a PNG file will be provided, though it serves no additional purpose beyond facilitating transaction finalization.

This license significantly broadens the permissions associated with your purchase, allowing you to:

  • Produce and sell printed transfers of artwork by Kellie Nicole.

However, it strictly prohibits the following:

  1. Modifying the design to claim it as your own.
  2. Distributing, gifting, or selling the digital version of the design.
  3. Uploading the design to any file-sharing platforms.
  4. Creating or distributing items that closely mimic the design to circumvent these guidelines.
  5. Employing the design in logos, third-party printing services, or as standalone artworks.

Neglecting to acquire this license prior to selling transfers can lead to the imposition of royalty charges on sold items. Moreover, failure to comply may lead to the withdrawal of all commercial usage rights for any designs bought previously, without eligibility for a refund.

Purchasing this license signifies your consent to allow Kellie Nicole's employees to participate in any associated groups, websites, or social media forums at their discretion. The exclusion of any employees from these platforms may also lead to the forfeiture of commercial rights, accompanied by a non-refundable policy.